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I never anticipated three years ago when I agreed to become Vice Chair, that I would be Chair of Lanarkshire LDC during a Global Crisis! Qualified for 22 years I have never known such a challenge to face the dental profession. As Chair, I will approach these challenges, engage with my fellow colleagues and provide support and encouragement to become a stronger, more united profession.

It certainly has been very heartening to witness dental professionals coming together to share knowledge, experience and indeed to ensure an overall enhanced approach to how a new normal may evolve within Dentistry. Therefore, I ask every GDP in Lanarkshire to engage with your LDC by signing a mandate so we can continue to provide guidance and support, share knowledge and be a proactive voice in our consolidation of a new dental era.

caroline pryce

Caroline Pryce, Chair of Lanarkshire LDC

Wellbeing resources from NHS Lanarkshire

During the pandemic we have all encountered difficult situations and may be feeling heightened levels of stress.

These resources may help:

The Annual General Meetings of the Lanarkshire GPSub and LDC Committee

Virtually on Monday 21 March 2022 at 7.45 and 8.30pm

All general dental practitioners working in the NHS Lanarkshire area are invited to attend the virtual annual general meetings of the GP Sub and Local Dental Committees on Monday 21 March at 7.45 and 8.30pm respectively. Please click on the green button to find out more.