LDC Lanarkshire

Fed up? Ever felt changes are needed to our profession?

Do you want your voice to be heard? Lanarkshire LDC gives a voice to ordinary GDPS.

Who are we and what do we do?

Lanarkshire Local Dental Committee ( LDC ) is made up of 15 committee members who are elected on a 3 yearly cycle and meet roughly 5 times a year.

The role of the committee is to represent the professional interests of all Lanarkshire dentists.

We consist of ordinary GDPs (practice owners and associates) and practice inspectors. We have two members who sit on the Scottish Dental Practice Committee (SDPC), the national representative body of non—salaried general dental practitioners.

The meetings are usually held on Thursday nights at Kirklands Hospital, Bothwell (or during the pandemic via Zoom).

Our five meetings each year consist of two parts:

  • GP sub committee - we engage with a member of the Health board and the Dental Practice Advisor. The views of the profession are fed back to the Health Board. Recent examples of matters discussed include Oral Health Improvement Plan, Out of Hours, Practice Inspectors, GDPR and Clinical waste.
  • LDC committee - we give a voice to dental issues relevant to our local GDPs, for example pay, pensions, General Dental Council, local resolutions and conditions.

The LDC also organises two verifiable CPD nights each year. These are free for mandate holders (non-mandate holders currently pay £80 for any in-person session attended or £50 for webinar events).

The work of the committee is funded by entirely by voluntary mandates from GDPs in Lanarkshire.   The current levy works out at 0.2% of gross income, so £20 per £10,000.  There has never been a more important time to support your LDC, we will only be continue to work on YOUR behalf with YOUR support, if you are not already a mandate holder please fill in a mandate and support your local committee.

We are always happy to welcome new members . For mandates or information about the committee please email our secretary Andrew Miller at ajrm01@gmail.com.

Our Committee

caroline pryce

Caroline Pryce
Chair person - GDP and Partner at North Road Dental Practice.

I joined Lanarkshire LDC in 2011. I became Vice Chair in 2017 and Chair in 2020. The extensive knowledge and experience of other colleagues has been paramount in supporting me with the challenges of dentistry, especially this year!  I am a Vocational Trainer and also a member of ADAC & Gp Sub committee

christina ferry

Christina Ferry
Vice Chair - principal dentist Rutherglen HC Dental

I joined Lanarkshire LDC in 2014 and have found the help, support and advice from members invaluable especially in the early years of being a practice owner.

I also stand on Gp Sub committee, ADAC, Scottish Conference agenda committee & Lanarkshire Quality Improvement committee.

Andrew Miller Lanarkshire LDC

Andrew Miller

I took over the role of clerk to Lanarkshire LDC from Maggie Fulton in 2021. The committee and dentists throughout Lanarkshire owe her an enormous debt of gratitude for her wisdom and commitment over many years and she has left some very big boots to fill. Having performed similar roles for a number of bodies, I very much look forward to working with the committee.

joanna levie

Joanna Levie
Member - GDP

I have worked as an associate dentist in Hamilton for 14 years. I joined the committee in 2018 and have found it to be a very good way to keep up to date with local and national developments - it has provided me and all local dentists with much support in these challenging times. I also sit on the ADAC & Gp sub committee.

hazel hannigan

Hazel Hannigan
Member - Principal Dentist Muirhead

I am a GDP at a practice in Muirhead, which I have owned along with my husband since 2016. I joined the LDC in 2020 and have found it to be a valuable learning resource, offering a great opportunity to collaborate with my peers.

LDC Lanarkshire

Paul MacDonald
Member - Associate dentist Rutherglen

I have been a GDP at Mitchell Dental Care in Rutherglen since completing his VT year in 2007. It is a busy NHS practice doing general dentistry and sedation.

I joined the LDC in 2020 during what is likely to be a period of rapid change in Dentistry and is keen to do what he can to help and represent his colleagues.
david mcintyre

David McIntyre
GDP, Principal dentist -  Motherwell after buying the practice when I was 25!

Many changes and challenges have occurred in my many years in dentistry since but I still believe it is a great profession to be part of.   I strongly believe LDC’s are essential to listen and to provide representation for our Lanarkshire GDP’s both at local and national level. Being on the committee not only brings much knowledge and reassurance on all aspects of dentistry but also provides life long friendships!

I also have the role as a practice inspector for Lanarkshire NHS and sit on various committees from LDC and ADAC to the Scottish Dental Fund (SDF) and Scottish Conference Agenda Commitee and GP Sub committee.

kevin clark

Kevin Clark
Member - GDP with 3 practices in Lanarkshire

I’ve been a member of the LDC since 1993 serving as chairman and various other positions within the committee.

Lanarkshire LDC provides an essential interface between the health board and GDPs within Lanarkshire.

It has been a privilege to be a member of the committee and the experiences shared by all the members over the years have been invaluable to me .  Given the challenges we will face as a profession over the post covid years the need for a strong and locally representative LDC will never be greater.

I also sit on the GP Sub Committee

David McPherson

David Macpherson
Member - GDP East Kilbride, Principal and owner of Whitemoss Dental Practice.

I joined the LDC in 2006 and my membership was invaluable in expanding my career and developing my Practice. Sharing and learning from experienced colleagues and friends has been invaluable. I am also a long term Vocational Trainer and CPD Advisor for NES, I also sit on the GP Sub committee

Stewart Robertson

Stewart Robertson
Member - associate dentist at mydentist, Carluke.

I joined the committee in 2018. Having only graduated a few years ago, I have found the LDC has been excellent at educating me in not only NHS dentistry in practice, but also in the workings of the health board.

I also sit on the GP Sub Committee.

Gordon Stewart

Gordon Stewart
Member - GDP in Cumbernauld in partnership with my wife

If I’m being honest it was through gentle persuasion from a colleague that I first joined a long number of years ago , but I have to say it has been the best dental forum I could ever have joined for learning about the much wider world of the politics of dentistry and how we as GDP’s can directly influence the conditions we work in every day. It has also been a great way of meeting colleagues who very quickly become friends and confidantes.

I also sit on the GP sub committee and chair the ADAC.

marion Stewart

Marion Stewart
Member - GDP in Cumbernauld.

I am in partnership with my husband who is also a member of the committee.
The LDC has been an incredible source of information about how NHS dentistry works and a great forum for meeting colleagues and sharing and discussing issues relating to everyday practice.

I also sit on the GP Sub Committee.


John Hyland
Member - Principal dentist Hamilton

Married to another dentist Caroline with 2 children. Qualified 1997 have owned a practice in Hamilton for 13 years. Enjoy being a vt trainer and working with good staff in a great atmosphere.                     Joined LDC in 2020

I also sit on the GP sub committee


LDC Lanarkshire

Esha Vohra

Associate Dentist at Scobie & Walker Dental Practice, Wishaw.

After completing my vocational training in 2015, I have worked as an associate dentist in England and Scotland. I joined the LDC in 2020 which I have found invaluable, especially during the last year. Being part of the committee is a great way to keep up to date, contribute to agendas that affect us directly and to meet other dentists in the area (although we’ve only met on zoom so far!).

david cross

David Core
Member - GDP associate - whitemoss East Kilbride

LDC Lanarkshire

Rachel Byrne
Member - GDP - Principal dentist Belhaven dental practice Wishaw

jennifer wink

Jennifer Wink (retired member)
Member . GDP - Associate dentist for 32 years in Cumbernauld .

I joined the committee in  200? having been tricked into attending an AGM.
The LDC has provided support and advice on everyday challenges and opportunities. I have appreciated the integrity of the Committee members, their commitment to the good for all Lanarkshire dentists and above all the friendships I have made over the years.

I am also a member of ADAC and Gp sub committee.

Mike Arthur

Mike Arthur (retired member)
Member - Principal Dentist Wishaw

Mike joined Lanarkshire LDC in 1975 and is out longest standing member.  He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the committee & has been presented with a lifetime achievement award by the Scottish Council of LDC's & awarded a BDA fellowship in 2013.Nationally he was chair of the BDA's Scottish Council from 2003 to 2009.