Q&A Webinar “Ask the Experts”

David McColl, Gordon Stewart, Laura Milby, Anne Moore

Tues 17 November 2020

LDC Lanarkshire aims to provide an update to GDPs in lanarkshire re the remobilisation of dental services, both in general practice & public/ hospital dental services.


  1. To provide an update on the public dental service & hospital dental service, it’s remobilisation & current referral pathways & waiting times.
  2. To discuss the remobilisation of general dental practices, the most recent SOP & protocols in place.  To provide an update on the situation in lanarkshire general practices.
  3. To discuss any concerns/queries GDP’s have with regards the remobilisation of general practice
  4. To provide an update from SDPC on the current discussions ongoing with Scottish government on the remobilisation process, the most recent PCA & the outlook for the future on NHS dental services.

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LDC lanarkshire Q&A Ask the Experts
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