Partial dentures: a personal perspective

presented by Andrew Forgie on 24 August 2022 at 7pm

Aims: This session aims to stimulate discussion and reflection about partial dentures by considering indications for and the clinical aspects of partial denture construction.

Objectives: By the end of the session it is hoped that participants will
Understand the consequences to the patients oral health of providing partial dentures
Appreciate the benefits of close working with laboratory staff
Look to review their own approach to providing partial dentures

Andrew Forgie

I qualified in 1989 from Dundee University and initially worked in general dental practice including buying my own practice.

My PhD entitled “eyesight and magnification in dentistry” was awarded in 1999. It explored the eyesight of dentists and had a clinical focus on caries diagnosis and the cycle of re-restoration.
I completed specialist training in restorative dentistry in 2005. Following this I worked with NHS Education for Scotland leading on undergraduate issues including the development of outreach and the development of hygiene/therapy degree courses.

Clinically, I have always had an interest in removable prosthodontics and this has been the focus of my clinical practice for many years. Like most academics I have taught at undergraduate and postgraduate levels with one of the most interesting aspects being the development of masters programmes in forensic dentistry. An interest of mine since 1990.

I am currently the head of the clinical dentistry section and lead for restorative teaching at Glasgow Dental School. I am about to take up the role of Director of Education for the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing. 50% of my week is spent as a Consultant in restorative dentistry with a focus on fixed and removable prosthodontics and increasingly dealing with cleft lip and palate patients.


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