“Oral Surgery – Treat or Refer?” Webinar

28 January 2021 @ 7:00pm

28 January 2021 @ 7:00pm


  1. To allow GDP’s to assess patients and decide whether to treat in practice, refer to a specialist oral surgery clinic or hospital setting
  2. To educate GDP’s on the kit required in practice & any recommendations for up-skilling.
  3. Advise on how to tackle complications when they arise within practice and those which should be referred on. 
  4. Explain remuneration for MOS in practice and advise on codes to claim to ensure GDP’s are correctly remunerated.
  5. To advise GDP’s which cases should be referred to the Oral & Maxillofacial Department
  6. Update GDP’s on the referral pathway available in Lanarkshire
  7. What is an acceptable referral and waiting times


  1. To give GDP’s a better understanding of what can be tackled in practice, the skills required to tackle cases and what should be referred. 
  2. How they will be remunerated for MOS in general practice.  
  3. Ensure GDP’s are confident in the pathways available to refer on if there is a complication.
  4. Ensure GDP’s are aware of what is appropriate to refer and what is not, in order to reduce inappropriate referrals.


  • Confident in making correct choice to treat or refer complex oral surgery cases.
  • To know how to deal with complications should they arise in practice and kit required
  • Identify appropriate claim codes and how to be fully remunerated for MOS in practice 
  • Be aware of an acceptable referral, pathways available and their waiting times


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Oral surgery treat or refer?
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