Oral Surgery Study Group: Skin Lesions

Presented by Tom Walker on 23 Feb 2022 at 7pm

Conservative and surgical treatments for skin lesions

  • History of patients with skin lesion conditions
  • Examination of patients with skin lesion conditions
  • What is a conservative or surgical treatment for basal cell carcinoma, sebaceous cell carcinoma or melanoma

This event will be interactive. Following Tom’s presentation, participants have the opportunity to share a specific case which you have identified, referred and followed through to surgery focusing on diagnosis, ease of referral and follow-up care. If you do have a case let us know when you book and remember that patient confidentiality must be respected. Our aim is to stimulate discussion and an understanding of the processes involved. Tom will also be able to answer general questions about new referrals and point people in the right direction to make these.

23 Feb 22 Oral Surgery Study Skin Lesions

Book your place for the skin lesions webinar on 23 February led by Tom Walker and hosted by LDC Lanarkshire.

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This study group has been set up to provide support for Lanarkshire-based dentists and members of the dental team.
The webinar on 23 February will focus on skin lesions so participants have the opportunity to submit cases and, time dependant, we will hope to cover a number of these. If you would like to do this, please give us a brief synopsis of your case here. We will contact you if your case is selected with information on the format we will use and how to share it.
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