May 2022 Newsletter

LDC Lanarkshire May 2022 Newsletter:

1. Removal of protected payments

During the period of emergency financial support, personal commitment payments, General Dental Practice Allowance and rent reimbursement payments have been protected. NHS dental contractors and practices have continued to receive protected payments based on their historical position as at 31 March 2020. The intention is to remove this protection from 1 July 2022 : Find out more

2. Childsmile

As part of a claim for Determination I, item 42 (Childsmile), dental teams are required to provide toothbrushing instruction, including supervising the patient or carer whilst they brush the patient’s teeth. Many are unable to do this for children over the age of 6 due to lack of availability of toothbrushes, therefore a change to the SDR has been made to reflect this.

  • For patients aged 0-5, supervision of the patient or carer brushing the patient’s teeth should continue.
  • For patients aged 6-17 there is no longer a requirement to supervise toothbrushing but advice on technique should still be provided for these patients. 

This change has been effective since 1 April 2022: Find out more

3. Delivery of incorrect FFP3 Masks

National Procurement has been made aware that some Lanarkshire Practices may have received the wrong FFP3 mask (week commencing 02/05/2022). Could you please check that the FFP3 masks delivered to you were the masks you ordered? If you have received the wrong mask, please contact Paul Cushley at this email address:

4. Out of Hours Dental Service

Here are the rotas and shift information for Weekend and Next Day cover in 2022-2023

Weekend Cover
Next Day Care Cover
Rota Information Letter

5. Managing Health and Social Care Staff 

In line with the Test and Protect Transition Plan, from 1 May 2022, there was no population wide access to symptomatic testing for COVID-19 and contact tracing ceased. All health and social care staff, who are eligible, were to continue with twice weekly asymptomatic LFD testing. This will be kept under clinical review. Staff will get free access to any additional LFD tests.

  • Staff working with patients and service users in face-to-face settings, who have symptoms of a respiratory infection, a high temperature or do not feel well enough to attend work, are advised to take an LFD test, as soon as they feel unwell and report the results to their line manager.
  • Staff should follow the advice in this guidance for those with symptoms if the test is negative, and for those with a positive test, if the test is positive.
  • If staff live in the same household, or have stayed overnight in the same household as someone with a positive COVID-19 test, they should notify their line manager and discuss ways to minimise risk of onwards transmission. If they develop symptoms or receive a positive test, they should follow the advice set out in this guidance

All contact tracing of staff ended on 1 May 2022, in line with this ending for the general population Directors Letter – Managing Health and Social Care Staff with symptoms:

6. Update to timescale: Determination X – dental equipment allowance

There has been an extension to the time limit for submitting applications for the dental equipment allowance. The extension applies only to the deadline for submissions of applications and supporting documentation for the dental equipment allowance by those practices who submitted their expressions of interest via the survey monkey questionnaire on time. There is no scope to extend the deadline for submissions of interest. The deadline for the handpiece and ventilation allowance applications remain 30 June 2022. Eligible practices for the dental equipment allowance now have until 31 July 2022
Find out more.

7. Director of Dentistry interim appointment

Earlier this month we were informed that Shelley Percival, the health board’s interim Director of Dentistry since 1 January, will continue in this role until a substantive appointment is made. Thank you for your continued support and hard work throughout this interim period Shelley!

The previous Director of Dentistry officially retired on 31 March. Substantive recruitment to this important role is now underway.

8. Dental Access Questionnaire
A wee reminder to complete this SurveyMonkey questionnaire on behalf of your practice.
The survey should take less than ten minutes to complete and needs to be submitted by Friday 3 June 2022.

9. Training for Enhanced Skills Practitioners

Training for Enhanced Skills Practitioners is due to restart soon. If any GDPs are interested in taking part then please contact immediately (by midnight today, 31 May).

10. BDA Scotland Update & SDPC Reports
BDA Scotland Update April 2022

SDPC Report 11 May 2022

11. Vocational Trainee Advisor Post

Many congratulations to our LDC member John Hyland who was recently appointed VT Advisor. Well done John!