Important legionella information for GDPs in NHS Lanarkshire

The Practice Support Manual states that you may need to contact your Health Board regarding legionella and that you should confirm with them in what circumstances this would be required.

The Consultants in Dental Public Health have therefore produced this document which contains legionella-specific contacts for your Health Board and some examples of when it would be appropriate to use them.

  1. Who to contact
    For NHS Lanarkshire, your contact in the first instance is:
    Shelley Percival, Director of Dentistry –
    Secondly your backup contact is:
    Albert Yeung, Consultant in Dental Public Health
  2. When to contact
    Dentists should alert their local Health Board if there is an increased risk of legionella colonisation. Such scenarios might be:  
    e.g. consistently high water temperature over a period of time, out with parameters as determined by Legionella Risk Assessment/Written Control Scheme
    e.g. prolonged failure of control measures as outlined by Legionella Risk Assessment, such as not flushing of lines.